Summer Internship Opportunities for Law Students

During the summer, law students selected to participate in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office Internship Program assist prosecutors in the Superior, Appellate, and District courts. This opportunity is unpaid, but students may be able to arrange for funding through their school’s work-study program. For information on work-study stipends, inquire at your school.

Students who have completed their second year of law school, and are qualified under Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:03, may work in the district courts as student prosecutors. Summer interns practicing under Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:03 are assigned to one of the nine district courts in Suffolk County.

Interns are directly supervised by a senior prosecutor, most often the supervisor of that particular court. Intern responsibilities are determined by the supervising attorney and may include arraigning defendants and making bail arguments, handling pretrial conferences and evidentiary and non-evidentiary motions, and conducting trials. Interns may also be responsible for drafting legal research and writing, case preparation, and related duties. Intern responsibilities may vary depending on the needs of that particular court.

First year law students are assigned to superior court trial and appellate units to assist in legal research, writing, and case preparation, as well as all related duties. Students will be encouraged to visit the courthouse and observe criminal trials and motions. Appellate Unit interns may have the opportunity to argue in court.

Interns attend educational seminars, led by experienced Assistant District Attorneys, in all areas of criminal prosecution.

Please note: Certification under Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:03 is a requirement for interns who have completed two years of law school and are interested in an internship as a student prosecutor. Interns are responsible for securing their own certification under SJC Rule 3:03. Application for certification should be processed through the student’s law school.

Summer internships are open to first- and second-year law students.

District Attorney Conley is committed to recruiting and retaining staff that reflects the diversity of the multicultural community we serve.

To apply, send your resume and a cover letter to:

Chief of District Courts
One Bulfinch Place
Boston, MA 02114

The application deadline is February 1. Applications received after this date will not be considered.