Diversity Fellowship for Law Students


Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley’s Office sponsors Fellowship opportunities throughout the year to interested law students from diverse backgrounds who desire to serve the citizens of Suffolk County. The Fellowship Program is designed to introduce students to the rewards and demands of ethical and progressive prosecution, serving diverse, urban communities.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office serves the most diverse citizenry in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. District Attorney Conley seeks a staff that reflects the diverse composition of Suffolk County in order to broaden the perspectives his staff draws upon in its service to the community.  It is his mission to serve the public and the interests of justice, understanding that the criminal justice system and his employees who work within the criminal justice system have a great impact on the citizens of Suffolk County.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office offers a rich environment to Fellows considering a career in prosecution and public service. Fellows will be exposed to many aspects of this rich environment, while learning how to build and maintain the highest standards of ethics, fairness, and integrity. more »

DA Conley’s Diversity Committee

Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley is dedicated to promoting diversity in the hiring of his staff. To that end, DA Conley encourages the input of the office’s Diversity Committee, comprised of six employees who volunteer to be on the committee.

The goal of the Diversity Committee is to foster an inclusive workplace where every staff member feels accepted and respected. The district attorney encourages all staff members to work towards this goal and to benefit from multicultural events in the office and the community. The Diversity Committee raises awareness of how an individual’s words and actions can affect other staff members and the group as a whole, with the goal of encouraging positive interactions.

The Diversity Committee also serves as a confidential resource for staff members with concerns relating to discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation, as well as complaints of sexual harassment.