ComputerCop Software

Computer CopDA Conley believes that the Internet can be a great tool for learning, commerce, communication, and social networking. Unfortunately, as a career prosecutor, Conley has seen far too many instances of children and teenagers being put at risk or victimized by Internet predators.

To help parents protect their children, Conley introduced ComputerCop – a computer software program that allows parents to view and permanently delete potentially harmful images and information that have been downloaded on any home computer.

DA - Computer CopThis software is easy to install and gives parents an added safeguard to make sure their children are using the Internet safely and responsibly. This software will not only aid in protecting children from harmful material on the Internet, but should also initiate a line of communication between parents and children regarding the positive and negative aspects of the Internet and its appropriate use.

For a complimentary copy of ComputerCop, for more information about the district attorney’s Internet Safety Program, or to schedule an Internet Safety presentation for teens or adults at a school or non-profit organization, please send a request by email to Please include your name and contact information, the name of your organization, and the kind of presentation that you are interested in.