Murder Verdict in East Boston Domestic Violence Homicide

BOSTON, April 4, 2016—The Lynn man who killed 32-year-old Sherry Leigh Bradley after what prosecutors called a crime of deadly domestic violence was found guilty of murder in her 2013 homicide, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said today.

A Suffolk Superior Court jury convicted CHHOEUT CHIN (D.O.B. 4/12/72) of second-degree murder today after about a day and a half of deliberations following about eight days of testimony. He faces a mandatory life term when he is sentenced Wednesday.

“Sherry Bradley’s homicide was the culmination of a pattern of controlling, dominating behavior by the defendant,” Conley said. “Amid all the loss they suffered in her death, we hope her family can take some satisfaction that the jury recognized the defendant’s actions for what they were – murder.”

Assistant District Attorneys Edmond Zabin and Donna Jalbert Patalano introduced evidence and testimony showing that Chin beat and choked Bradley to death on the night of July 31 or early morning of Aug. 1, 2013. He then drove her body to a parking garage on Border Street in East Boston, and dumped it there. An employee found her body at about 9:20 am on Aug. 1.

Bradley and Chin had first met each other in the context of illicit drug use. They had a tumultuous relationship through the spring and summer of 2013, the evidence showed, marked by abuse, threats, and harassment. Based on video surveillance footage, witness statements, phone records, and other evidence, Boston Police homicide detectives and Suffolk prosecutors charged him with her murder in August 2014.

Conley said the victims of domestic violence should call 911 in an emergency, but also noted that SafeLink, a statewide DV hotline, can be reached at 877-785-2020. SafeLink is answered by trained advocates 24 hours a day in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, as well as TTY at 877-521-2601. It also has the capacity to provide multilingual translation in more than 140 languages.

Elise McConnell was the DA’s assigned victim-witness advocate. Chin was represented by attorneys Ian Davis and Brian Kelley.




All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.