New Perjury Charges for Man Who Allegedly Stole, Tampered with Record of His Conviction

BOSTON, June 10, 2016—A Brighton real estate broker previously charged with tampering with a court document and presenting the forgery as genuine was arraigned on similar charges today – but only after a default warrant issued when he refused to enter the courtroom for his arraignment, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said.

DAVID SCHER (D.O.B. 11/22/82) was arraigned today in Suffolk Superior Court on charges of perjury and uttering.  Assistant District Attorney Greer Spatz of the DA’s Special Prosecutions Unit requested bail of $2,000.  Clerk Magistrate Lisa Medeiros released Scher on his own recognizance.

Scher was arraigned in March on charges of tampering with a court document, forgery, perjury, and two counts of uttering a false document in a related case.

Spatz told the court told the court that Scher had been convicted of larceny from a building in 2014, when a Boston Municipal Court jury found him guilty of stealing a laptop from Suffolk University Law School, where he had been a student. Following his conviction, Scher allegedly returned to the BMC clerk’s office on several occasions to request access to the case file, which is a public record. During one of those visits, Scher allegedly removed the verdict slip from the file and forged a copy of it.  According to prosecutors, Scher altered the copy to reflect a verdict of not guilty and then replaced the authentic jury slip in the official file with the forgery.

The forged verdict slip then began to appear in various matters related to Scher’s conviction.  He was previously arraigned in connection with instances in which he allegedly caused the forged document to be presented to the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services and Suffolk University.

In the case arraigned today, Scher is accused of submitting the forged jury slip to the Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons.  The document was submitted under the pains and penalties of perjury in connection with administrative proceedings initiated Sept. 17, 2014, for the purpose of revoking Scher’s broker’s license for his failure to report his conviction to the board and the moral turpitude demonstrated by his larceny conviction.

Though scheduled to appear for arraignment today on the latest set of charges, Scher entered the criminal clerk’s office at Suffolk Superior Court and refused to leave in order to attend his arraignment.  When he failed to appear in the courtroom when his case was called, a default warrant was issued and Scher was taken in to custody by court officers and brought to the courtroom.

Scher is represented by attorney Richard Doyle.  He returns to court June 21.




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