Presentations and Speakers

Educational Sessions and Workshops

Our Community Relations Unit is available to do presentations if you are interested in scheduling public safety-related educational sessions and workshops for children or adults. Topics include: personal safety, Internet safety and cyberbullying, and how to establish a neighborhood crime watch group, in addition to a number of other topics. These educational sessions have been implemented and endorsed by DA Conley in the spirit of promoting public safety through the formation of partnerships between residents and law enforcement.

Overcoming Violence

DA Conley speaks to students.

The goal of the Overcoming Violence project is to provide young people with a powerful, proactive tool to discuss the realities, choices and costs of youth violence. It aims to establish an honest dialogue about the root causes and consequences of violence in local communities, and is intended to be used in diverse settings such as schools, after-school programs, youth centers, or faith-based groups – any setting in which adults strive to provide young people with a forum to discuss these important topics.

Topics covered through this curriculum include:

  • What Causes Violence?
  • What Happens When Someone Is Accused of a Crime?
  • How Do Stereotypes Affect Us?
  • Truth vs. Snitching:¬† What’s the Difference?
  • Why Do Kids Join Gangs?
  • How Do You Make Responsible Choices?

Your Kids and the Internet: Safety Guidelines for Parents and Kids

One of DA Conley’s priorities is to protect the children of Suffolk County from Internet predators in an era of rapid communication and easily shared information on a global scale. To address this problem, members of Conley’s staff are available to give scheduled presentations. The curriculum instructs school-aged children on how to use the Internet safely, including what a child can do if he or she receives suspicious contact while browsing the Internet. For Internet safety tips for children and adults, click here.

Contact Information

If you would like to invite a representative of the District Attorney’s Office to address your organization, please fill out and submit the form below. If you have trouble filling out the form or do not receive a response from our office within a few days, please contact our Community Relations department at [email protected] or by phone at 617-619-4000.

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