Acton/Boxborough Drug Investigation Leads to Major Seizure of Heroin, OxyContin

BOSTON, Sept. 24, 2013—A narcotics investigation that began in the towns of Acton and Boxborough led to the seizure of 830 tablets of OxyContin, 180 grams of heroin, and more than $70,000 in cash after a motor vehicle stop in Framingham and a search warrant execution in Boston, officials said today.

Acton Police Chief Francis J. Widmayer, III; Boxborough Police Chief Warren B. Ryder; Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley; Massachusetts State Police Colonel Timothy P. Alben; and Special Agent in Charge John J. Arvanitis of the New England Division of the US Drug Enforcement Administration announced the arrests last week of FRANTZ CANTAVE (D.O.B. 7/15/87) of Hyde Park and KEVIN JEAN (D.O.B. 5/6/89) of Lynn, both accused of conspiracy to violate the state’s drug laws and other offenses. Both were arraigned in West Roxbury District Court on Sept. 19.

Cantave is charged with trafficking in more than 100 grams of heroin, trafficking in more than 18 grams of OxyContin, and conspiracy. Conley’s office recommended that he be held on $200,000 cash bail and Judge Catherine Byrne imposed $20,000. Prosecutors recommended that Cantave’s open bail in a Roxbury drug case be revoked; Byrne denied that request.

Jean is charged with possession of a Class B substance – OxyContin – with intent to distribute and conspiracy. Conley’s office recommended that he be held on $2,000 cash bail and Byrne released him on his own recognizance. Both defendants were ordered to stay away from one another while the case is pending.

About two months ago, the newly formed Acton Police Drug Unit working closely with Boxborough Police detectives developed information about drug distribution occurring in the towns of Acton and Boxborough and began an investigation.

Based on evidence developed in the course of that investigation, State Police detectives and DEA special agents undertook surveillance of Cantave on Sept. 18 in anticipation that he would be making a large drug delivery in Framingham. That afternoon, they watched as Cantave and Jean exited Cantave’s residence, entered a black Jeep Cherokee, and began driving.

Investigators tailed the men to Staples Drive in Framingham, where State Police and DEA special agents approached them. They recovered about 100 30mg tablets of OxyContin from Cantave, 30 30mg tablets of OxyContin from Jean, and a large quantity of cash from both men.

After being advised of his Miranda rights, Cantave signed a consent form allowing investigators to search his home. There, troopers and special agents recovered an additional 700 OxyContin tablets and about 180 grams of heroin, along with a powdery substance believed to be a cutting agent and more currency. The total cash seizure was $70,951.

Chief Widmayer of Acton said, “These cases are excellent examples of how effective local, state and federal law enforcement agencies can be when they work together cooperatively in the common goal of eliminating drug abuse in our communities.”

Chief Ryder of Boxborough said, “Heroin is cheap, deadly and surging in popularity and is now an alarming problem in this area where it was once rare and is to blame for a growing number of arrests and overdoses. People can become addicted to prescription drugs such as OxyContin and Oxycodone thinking they are not dangerous and then move on to much cheaper and readily available heroin. I am proud of our solid working relationship with our neighboring communities and partnership with the DEA and Suffolk DA’s office who are all committed to achieving our common mission in responding to these community concerns.”

Colonel Alben said, “As this case shows, the most successful investigative work is done by agencies partnering across jurisdictional boundaries. Just as drug dealers have no boundaries when it comes to selling their poison, law enforcement must be similarly global in its approach to combatting the narcotics trade. We are grateful to our partners in the DEA Task Force and to the Acton and Boxborough departments and the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office for their excellent work on this investigation.”

DA Conley said, “Narcotics aren’t just a big city problem. The investigation that led us to this point proves that. We have every reason to believe that the drugs seized in this case were intended for distribution in communities large and small across Massachusetts. This was great work by local, state, and federal partners.”

Special Agent in Charge Arvanitis said, “DEA and its law enforcement partners are committed to targeting, investigating and ultimately prosecuting drug trafficking organizations involved in the distribution of OxyContin and heroin throughout our communities in Massachusetts. The success of this investigation demonstrates the power of law enforcement working together and successfully disrupting and dismantling these criminal groups operating throughout the Commonwealth.”

Cantave was represented by attorney Stephanie Soriano-Mills and Jean by attorney William Galvin. They will both return to court on Oct. 15.


All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.