Woman Pays $93k in Restitution, Begins House Arrest

BOSTON, Aug. 14, 2013—An Abington woman presented the court with almost $93,000 in restitution and began four months of house arrest and three years of probation last week after her conviction for knowingly allowing her husband to use her bank account to store money stolen from his sick, elderly uncle, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said.

A Suffolk Superior Court jury on June 8 convicted MICHELLE MONTROND (D.O.B. 7/13/64) of receiving stolen property. The charge stems from the theft by her husband, ALCIDES MONTROND (D.O.B. 6/22/64), of $93,735.74 from his uncle by fraudulently transferring the entirety of the uncle’s annuities contract into Michelle Montrond’s bank account.

Assistant District Attorney Michele Granda recommended a sentence of two and a half years in a house of correction with three months to serve and the balance suspended for a five-year probationary term. Granda recommended that she pay full restitution – not only for the actual loss but the loss of rate of return that would have accrued if the victim’s annuities contract hadn’t been looted.

Judge Thomas Connors didn’t impose jail time, but did order restitution of the stolen $93,735.74 plus an additional $4,000. In 2008, at the time of the fraud, the victimized uncle was 69 years old and suffering from cancer. He has since died of his illness; his widow will receive the restitution.

Granda proved during trial that Michelle Montrand not only knew the money deposited into her account was stolen but also used it to pay for her day-to-day expenses and bills amounting to more than $16,000.

Alcides Montrond, who is charged with larceny, uttering, and identity fraud, defaulted at a January hearing and remains a fugitive. Prosecutors will try him separately when he is apprehended, Conley said.

Michelle Montrond was represented by attorney Arnold Abelow.


All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.