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STOP BLOCK and TALK: Internet Safety Training for Kids, Parents and Professionals

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office has been a leader in providing in-person internet safety programming for youth, parents, and professionals to ensure that everyone understands the risks that exist online for people of all ages – but especially for kids. The education program STOP BLOCK and TALK is available for school, parent, and youth groups across Suffolk County.

STOP BLOCK and TALK: Top 10 Things We Wish Parents Knew About Technology and Social Media

Created by Director of Youth Safety and Outreach and forensic interviewer Jacquelyn Lamont, the curriculum launched in 2011 under the name CyberPeace with a focus on online safety and cyber-bullying prevention. As technology and popular apps have evolved, so too has the training we offer, and in September 2018 the program relaunched as STOP BLOCK and TALK to highlight the steps kids can take to keep themselves safe online:

STOP the communication if someone is rude or asks them for personal information or images,
BLOCK that person without feeling bad or guilty, and
TALK to a parent or trusted adult when they need help or feel uncomfortable.

While parents can’t always prevent their kids from having upsetting and even risky online encounters, they can always make sure that kids know they can talk to adults about things that make them feel uncomfortable and teach them how to respond when such an incident occurs.

Make sure your kids know that they can come to you without facing blame, judgment, or punishment, and without feeling ashamed or embarrassed, when something makes them feel uncomfortable online. Parents can help kids not only learn but practice smart responses to situations they encounter online and keep communication open.

If you run a school or youth program in Suffolk County and would like to bring STOP BLOCK and TALK to your students, parents, or staff, email us at

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