Victim Assistance Program

Victim witness advocates provide information, support and assistance to crime victims, witnesses, and family members.

The  Victim Witness Assistance Program of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office provides information, support, and assistance to witnesses, victims of violence, and their family members. Victim Witness Advocates are assigned to each of Suffolk County’s district and municipal courts and in most Superior Court trial teams.

DA Conley firmly believes that as prosecutors, the most fundamental duty is to serve the victims of crime, and to that end, he employs more than three dozen victim advocates at each of the nine district and municipal courthouses in Suffolk County, as well as in specialized Superior Court trial teams. Advocates orient victims, witnesses, and their families to the criminal justice system; make referrals for medical, legal, and financial assistance; facilitate counseling and other social services; assist in safety and protection plans; and provide emotional support during an often life-changing series of events.

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